About Amish Cabinet Doors


Amish man working in a woodshopBrothers Bob and Tom Cook started their first business, Kitchen Refacers, in 1989. Since then, they’ve refaced cabinets in over 5,000 kitchens, using custom built cabinet doors and drawer fronts purchased from an Amish owned factory in western Wisconsin.

In 2008, Bob and Tom pitched the Amish factory owner on the idea of selling those same custom cabinet doors and drawer fronts through the internet. Since the Amish do not use the internet, Bob and Tom would manage the website, relaying any new orders to the Amish factory. The Amish factory owner agreed, and Amish Cabinet Doors was born.

Later in 2016, we began offering high-quality dovetail drawer boxes built to order by a Mennonite factory, also located in Wisconsin. Whether you’re ordering cabinet doors, drawer fronts, or dovetail drawer boxes, you’re sure to receive a high-quality product made with the utmost craftsmanship and attention to detail.

When we started this business, we never set out to be the largest supplier of custom built cabinet doors. Our goal was — and has always been — to be a valued resource for well built, custom cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and drawer boxes for the do-it-yourself home renovator.

To that end, we pride ourselves on our “hands on” customer service. If you call with a question, you will most likely be speaking to either Bob or Tom, who will gladly guide you through the order process. In addition, each order we receive is reviewed for accuracy before forwarding to the manufacturer. If you ordered hinges with your cabinet doors, we check to make sure that you didn’t order too many or not enough. If one of your cabinet doors has a different edge than the others, we may call to verify that the order is correct. Our goal is to make sure your order is accurate and complete, so that you receive the custom cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and/or dovetail drawer boxes you need to complete your next cabinet renovation project.

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