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Handcrafted Dovetail Drawers - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What quality of wood is used for Amish Cabinet Doors dovetail drawer boxes and pullout trays?

A: Our dovetail drawers are made using only select grade woods.

  • For oak dovetail drawers, we use Northern Red Oak. The same is used for pullout trays and rollouts.
  • White Hard Maple is used to build dovetail drawer boxes, pullout trays and rollouts.
  • Select grade Cherry is used to build dovetail drawer boxes, pullout trays and rollouts./li>
  • Brown Soft Maple is by far the most popular wood used for building dovetail drawer boxes, pullout trays and rollouts.
  • Walnut, White Oak, Mahogany, Birch, and Aromatic Cedar are woods also offered for the construction of dovetail drawer boxes and rollout trays.

Q: If I order my dovetail drawer boxes and pullouts unassembled, what will be involved once I receive them?

A: Your dovetail drawer boxes and pullouts are shipped sanded to 120 grit and ready for your assembly. You will need to apply glue to the dovetails, assemble the box, then sand and finish to your satisfaction. The majority of our customers order their dovetail drawer boxes assembled, sanded and finished with a two-coat clear lacquer prior to shipping.

Q: Are there shipping charges or taxes to be added to my order?

A: A flat $30.00 freight charge will be added to all orders totaling up to $250.00. If your order totals between $250.01 and $649.99 a flat freight charge of $50.00 will be added to your order. If your order exceeds $649.99 Freight charges are free to you. These charges are for dovetail drawer boxes shipped within the continental United States. Shipments outside the continental United States will be quoted on an individual basis. If your dovetail drawers are shipped to a location within the state of Wisconsin, you will also be charged the applicable sales tax on your order. On orders shipped to locations outside the state of Wisconsin, sales tax has not been collected and you will be expected to follow the laws and regulations of your location.

Q: To ensure my dovetail drawer boxes and pullout trays are built to the correct size, how should I measure and record my sizes?

A: First, and most important, we will build your dovetail drawer boxes to the sizes you provide. We are capable of building dovetail drawer boxes in 1/8" increments. Please round down all measurements to the 1/8" increments. Remember to allow space for your glides in your measurements.

Be sure to state your dovetail drawer boxes and pullout sizes: WIDTH X DEPTH X HEIGHT.

Q: After ordering, when can I expect delivery?

A: Your order will be filled and shipped within 15 working days. Most times, your order will be completed and shipped sooner. Actual delivery could add another week before receipt.

Q: Are there minimum or maximum sizes that dovetail drawer boxes can be built?

A: The maximum height we will manufacture dovetail drawers is 20". While we will build dovetail drawers or rollouts with a height of less than 2", we do not advise it. There is no minimum or maximum width or depth that we cannot build dovetail drawers.

Q: Can I cancel an order?

A: Each order is custom built for the customer. The customer will remain obligated to/for any and all order(s) placed.

Q: What is your policy for returns and damage during shipping?

A: Your order was custom built for you. We SHALL NOT accept any returns or issue credit. We take great care in packaging you order. Amish Cabinet Doors is not responsible for damages incurred in shipping. We suggest you inspect the merchandise prior to accepting delivery. Note any damage, or suspected damage on the shipper’s form. To file a claim, call the shipper and request a claim form. Keep the damaged goods and shipping materials for the shipper’s inspection.

Q: What is your warranty?

A: All dovetail drawer boxes and pullouts are guaranteed to be as specified in the order, with work being performed in a substantial workmanship manner. Mineral streaks, color variations, grain patterns and all other natural characteristics are not considered defects. Amish Cabinet Doors tolerances (due to the nature of wood) allow for some contraction and expansion of the dovetail drawer. Because of how wood reacts to its environment, Amish Cabinet Doors is not liable for damages caused by negligence or improper: storage, finishing, handling, assembling or installation, by any person. It is our advice that if you order your dovetail drawer boxes unassembled or unfinished by us that the product be finished within two weeks of receiving your order.


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