Cabinet Door Hinges

While cabinet doors are an important part of any update to your cabinets, it’s also important not to overlook cabinet door hinges. If you use low-quality cabinet hinges, loose hinges, or hinges that aren’t properly aligned, your cabinet door may look uneven or close improperly.

We carry high-quality cabinet door hinge types to meet your project needs. Our standard, 3-way adjustable cabinet hinges allow you to make minor adjustments to the width, height, and depth of hinges after installation. If you’re looking to avoid unnecessary damage or noise that sometimes results from slamming cabinet doors, we offer 3-way adjustable, soft-close hinges.

To get started, please choose one of our cabinet door hinge types. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll find additional product info and specifications on the product page. You’ll also be able to choose the quantity you wish to order, as well as the overlay. Drilling holes for hinges is not included in the pricing of hinges, but instead listed as an option for our cabinet doors.

For additional information on our products, as well as info on shipping, taxes, returns, and more, please see our FAQ page. You’ll also want to check out our selection of cabinet doors and other related products.

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