NOTE: Minimum door size is 8 inches wide by 8 inches tall, and maximum door size is 24 inches wide by 71 inches tall. Wider widths and heights are available by calling Amish Cabinet Doors to order.

NOTE: Doors over 42 inches tall will be made as double-panel doors.

Cathedral-Top Flat-Panel Cabinet Door

¼-Inch Plywood Center Panel

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Illustration of panel profile, inside profile, and outside profile
P5 +
SR1 +
SR2 +
SR5 +
SR6 +
E1 +
E2 +
E5 +
E15 +
E16 +
E12 +
E3 +
E17 +
E19 +
E10 +
E18 +

Door Dimensions

# of Panels: #={field.wcpa-select-612d3815af2b8.value}+{field.wcpa-select-612d3815af2c1.value}>42? "Double (Height Over 42”)" : "Single" =#

Width: #={field.wcpa-select-612d3815af2a6.value}+{field.wcpa-select-612d3815af2af.value}=#"
Height: #={field.wcpa-select-612d3815af2b8.value}+{field.wcpa-select-612d3815af2c1.value}=#"
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