Standard Drawer Box

Drawer bottoms are ¼ inch, while the bottom inset is ½ inch. Both the drawer sides and drawer bottoms are sanded to 120 grit.

Note: All Drawer Boxes are shipped fully assembled.

Drawer Sides Wood Type

Thickness of drawer sides

1/2 +
5/8 +

Drawer Bottom Wood Type

Apply Lacquer?

Notch and bore for undermount slides?

Drawer box with undermount glides

Drawer Dimensions

Illustration showing height, width, and depth of drawer box
All Other Woods
Width: #={field.wcpa-select-6136003d71a75.value}+{field.wcpa-select-6136003d71a7e.value}=#"
Depth: #={field.wcpa-select-1630930316039.value}+{field.wcpa-select-1630930549142.value}=#"
Height: #={field.wcpa-select-6136003d71a86.value}+{field.wcpa-select-6136003d71a96.value}=#"
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