Peel-and-Stick Wood Veneer

Breathe new life into your existing cabinetry with our selection of peel-and-stick wood veneer sheets. Our peel-and-stick veneer offers the perfect solution for matching your existing cabinet boxes with your newly ordered custom cabinet doors. Not only does wood veneer provide an economical alternative to solid wood, it’s also environmentally friendly, as far less wood is consumed in the making of veneer.

Our peel-and-stick wood veneer comes in 2 foot by 8 foot sheets and is roughly 1/40 of an inch thick. We proudly carry veneer in all of our cabinet door wood varieties. Other wood varieties are also available. Please contact us for availability and price.

Peel-and-stick veneer can be finished prior to attachment. It needs a smooth, non-porous surface in order to stick properly. Please be sure the wood you are attaching to is free of dust and particles, as lumps will show. You should avoid sanding the cabinet surface prior to attachment. When applying wood veneer, peel the backing off the veneer and use a hair dryer to heat it.

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